Norman Shanks Associates International NSAI

We provide expert and specialist consultancy services to the aviation industry in aviation security and airport design, operational management, techniques and procedures. NSAI is headed by Norman Shanks, who with 30 years of airport operations and management experience is internationally recognised as one of the worlds foremost experts in aviation security. NSAI through its staff and associates, who are all experienced professionals from aviation, planning and media, are able to provide an experienced, dedicated and ethical team of independent management consultants who will ensure that the highest possible professional services are provided to its clients.

Norman Shanks is founder and managing director of NSAI - Norman Shanks Associates International. He is recognised as one of the worlds foremost experts in aviation security he has nearly thirty years operational and management experience in civil aviation. As Airport Security Manager for Heathrow Airport during 1986 - 1991, he was responsible for planning and developing the airport security policies, operational and training procedures. He project managed the research, design development and implementation of a BAA group wide electronic access control system, designed and implemented the 100% staff and vehicle access screening operation and established the Heathrow specialist security training and video production units.

During 1991 - 1996, as Head of Group Security for BAA Plc, he pioneered the smart automated checked baggage screening concept and commissioned the worlds first fully operational installation in 1993. He worked on the new Hong Kong International Airport project from February 1996 to December 1997, planning and developing the aviation security systems and operations, he was the lead specialist operations and security advisor on the integration of the 100% automated checked baggage screening system, and other airport security systems. He has been a leading industry representative on the following International and Government Aviation Security Committees:- Airports Council International (ACI) Aviation Security Standing Committee (ASSC) 1991 - 1997 ACI ASSC Chairman 1996 -97 ACI /IATA Security Working Group - Chairman ACI - ASSC Checked Baggage Screening Task Force ECAC Security Working Group (SWG) - ACI-Europe representative ECAC SWG Technical Sub Group -ACI-Europe representative ICAO - Advisor to ACI delegate UK National Aviation Security Committee (NASC) UK NASC Technical sub committee UK NASC Training sub committee Hong Kong Aviation Security Committee Member of the ACI-Europe Aviation Security Committee, and regular invitee to the ACI World Level Aviation Security Standing Committee.